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Gingrich won't run in '08

There is a fair bit of disappointment in Republican circles today after Newt Gingrich's announcement yesterday that he will not run for President in 2008. Personally, I had told those who asked my opinion that I thought he wouldn't run, basically… more »

lightening the mood: Iran invites inspectors to search for gays

I received this hilarious piece in my email. Not sure of its source, though it looks a lot like something The Onion would do. If anyone knows where it's from please let me know so I can give them the credit the deserve. Ahmadinejad Invites U.N.… more »

John Berthoud: So long, my friend

It is with great sorrow that I report that my friend John Berthoud, President of the National Taxpayers Union, has passed away. John was a tireless champion for liberty and for the protection of taxpayers from our ravenous government. But beyond that,… more »

The Freak: If you want peace, prepare for war

The Freak believes some military and political philosophy from ancient Rome remains important today. The Romans had a saying: "Si vis pacem, para bellum", which means if you want peace, prepare for war. The Romans must have been onto something,… more »

Parts of Patriot Act ruled unconstitutional

In what I consider to be a blow for liberty and fundamental American principles, but which I imagine some of my more conservative readers may not be pleased with, an Oregon District Court judge has ruled two provisions of the Patriot Act… more »

Tax wolves in sheeps' clothing

For today's reading, I refer you to an article I wrote for Human Events discussing Barack Obama's use of tax-cutting rhetoric to cloak plans for massive tax hikes on those Americans who already pay the vast majority of income taxes: Barack Obama: A… more »

Ahmadinejad at Columbia

I've written previously about why I give money to Hillsdale College rather than my alma mater, Columbia University. Columbia has again earned my derision for their decision to invite the modern face of evil, the President of Iran, to speak on campus.… more »

More Bentley Rayburn, Lamborn, and Crank discussion

I’d like to offer the following response to a note on the Colorado Index reacting to my article about Bentley Rayburn suggesting he is a carpet-bagger. Sir, I’d like to clarify a couple of issues you raise in your essay. First, I do not ever attack… more »

Democrat candidates show what they're made of

Yesterday, the Senate voted on a measure expressing support of the character and integrity of General David Petraeus: "(It is) the sense of the Senate that General David H. Petraeus, commanding general, Multi-National Force-Iraq, deserves the full… more »

Brian Wesbury on the Fed's inflation gamble

For those of you interested in economics, I recommend this interesting piece by Brian Wesbury on the markets' reactions to the Fed's decision to cut its short-term rates by 50 basis points:… more »
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