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Ranting about Columbia

My father, who went to Columbia University about 25 years before I did, recently asked me to respond to an email that was being circulated among his class members. The initial question was about any "military experience" at Columbia, but as I didn't… more »

A college tramples First Amendment

In response to this story about Valdosta State University expelling a student as "a clear and present danger" because he was protesting the building of new parking garages, Christopher sent the following letter to the President of the University as well… more »

President bound by Constitution?

My letter to the WSJ was PUBLISHED on 11/3/07: The Wall Street Journal had an article on Wednesday discussing whether the President of the United States should obey unconstitutional laws,… more »

A lunatic of the right surfaces

In response to a piece I had written about some local Colorado politics, a person named "Dave" who seems to have an obsession with 9/11 conspiracy theories had the nerve to call me and leave two rambling, slightly insane messages talking about how the… more »

Breaking News: GA Supreme Court orders Genarlow Wilson released

Citing his 10 year sentence for having consensual sex oral sex with a 15-year old girl when he was 17 as "cruel and unusual", the Georgia Supreme Court, in a 4-3 split decision, has ordered the release of Genarlow Wilson. See the court's decision here:… more »

WSJ on corporate welfare

In response to the must-read article below, I sent this note to the Wall Street Journal: It has for years been the false belief of liberals and conservatives alike that corporations are inherently Republican. The truth is that they are inherently… more »

Housing continues crumbling

Housing statistics reported by the Commerce Department this morning show a continued implosion of the real estate bubble of recent years. Existing home sales fell 8% in September to an annual rate of 5.04 million versus a Bloomberg survey of 5.25… more »

Beware an SCHIP "compromise"

As the President and Congress aim for a "compromise" about SCHIP, I encourage you to remember than any likely deal will not be a good outcome for the taxpayer, the health care system, or our constitution. It's much like two burglars getting to your… more »

In case you missed it: GOP Debate Recap

In case you missed it, and in case you care, you can read my recap of Sunday's GOP debate at: As that article was reporting rather than analysis, let me add a few words of my own opinion about the… more »

Who is more likely to beat Hillary?

I've been having an interesting political discussion with a regular reader (and occasional contributer to these pages) about the electability of Mitt Romney versus that of Rudy Giuliani. Here's the conversation, starting with the first note I received.… more »
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