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Good riddance to 2007

2007 was a year I could have done without. Other than the joy of watching my daughter turn into a real little person with a real personality, 2007 didn't bring a lot of good to me or my friends. In the last month, an acquaintance has died, a very… more »
Since it's a week when many people are traveling and not web surfing, I'm taking it a bit easy myself with the writing. For today's thought-provoking entry, allow me to refer you to this excellent 3-minute commentary by George Mason University… more »
News sources are reporting this morning that former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has been killed, apparently shot during a larger attack just after a rally for Ms. Bhutto, now dead at the age of 54. It appears there was a bomb which may have… more »
I've learned that frequently the best compromise is one in which both sides end up somewhat unhappy. And if I'm party to such a compromise, I suppose I have to hope that I'm a bit less unhappy than the other guy. Such is the case with the massive $555… more »
For today's reading, allow me to offer you this article by David Harsanyi, the Denver Post's "token conservative" (although I think he's closer to libertarian) and author of a book with an important subject and a very long title: Nanny State: How Food… more »

Merry Christmas

To all my Christian friends (and anyone else willing to accept it), I wish you a very merry Christmas. more »
re "Taxes Are Reassessed in Housing Slump as Prices Drop" (NY Times, 12/23/07) To the editor: It is exceptionally rare to find a government which deals with declining tax revenue by any method other… more »

Huckabee, take two

I received quite a few comments to my December 20th posting entitled "Huckabee is not a Republican...or shouldn't be" Many of them were making what I thought were incorrect or simply silly arguments. I was waiting for a few to pile up in order to… more »
Thanks to Patrick for sending me these stories... First (because it's shorter, not more important than the second item), allow me to recommend to you this excellent tidbit: Year of global cooling, Washington Times, 12/19/07… more »
A version of this article was also published at A common criticism of the primary process is that it lets activists who are not necessarily representative of the general population have an outsized impact on the selection of the… more »

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