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Good riddance to 2007

2007 was a year I could have done without. Other than the joy of watching my daughter turn into a real little person with a real personality, 2007 didn't bring a lot of good to me or my friends. In the last month, an acquaintance has died, a very… more »

Russ Roberts: The (economic) sky is not falling

Since it's a week when many people are traveling and not web surfing, I'm taking it a bit easy myself with the writing. For today's thought-provoking entry, allow me to refer you to this excellent 3-minute commentary by George Mason University… more »

Breaking News: Benazir Bhutto Killed in Pakistan

News sources are reporting this morning that former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has been killed, apparently shot during a larger attack just after a rally for Ms. Bhutto, now dead at the age of 54. It appears there was a bomb which may have… more »

$555 billion omnibus spending bill signed

I've learned that frequently the best compromise is one in which both sides end up somewhat unhappy. And if I'm party to such a compromise, I suppose I have to hope that I'm a bit less unhappy than the other guy. Such is the case with the massive $555… more »

David Harsanyi: Hope amid gloom and doom

For today's reading, allow me to offer you this article by David Harsanyi, the Denver Post's "token conservative" (although I think he's closer to libertarian) and author of a book with an important subject and a very long title: Nanny State: How Food… more »

Merry Christmas

To all my Christian friends (and anyone else willing to accept it), I wish you a very merry Christmas. more »

Declining home values should encourage school choice

re "Taxes Are Reassessed in Housing Slump as Prices Drop" (NY Times, 12/23/07) To the editor: It is exceptionally rare to find a government which deals with declining tax revenue by any method other… more »

Huckabee, take two

I received quite a few comments to my December 20th posting entitled "Huckabee is not a Republican...or shouldn't be" Many of them were making what I thought were incorrect or simply silly arguments. I was waiting for a few to pile up in order to… more »

Friday's global warming skepticism

Thanks to Patrick for sending me these stories... First (because it's shorter, not more important than the second item), allow me to recommend to you this excellent tidbit: Year of global cooling, Washington Times, 12/19/07… more »

Huckabee is not a Republican...or shouldn't be

A version of this article was also published at A common criticism of the primary process is that it lets activists who are not necessarily representative of the general population have an outsized impact on the selection of the… more »
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