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Evolving Republican thinking about McCain

Happy Leap Day, everyone. For today's reading, I offer you this interesting (I think) interview/article I wrote for Human Events describing the slow but sure movement of people I consider to be the heart of the Republican "base" toward supporting John… more »

Dick Morris is wrong about Texas

Last week, I saw Dick Morris on Bill O'Reilly's show "The Factor" exhorting Texas Republicans to vote for Obama the in Democratic primary on March 4th (which is permissible in Texas). Morris is a smart guy but in this case, his deep personal hatred for… more »

Willam F. Buckley dead at 82

Buckley truly did change the world... more »

More evidence of global cooling to come?

Thanks to Christopher for sending this along... Here's another of an increasing number of articles being released which question (or simply disprove) most of the "scientific" arguments around global warming alarmism, and which point to either… more »

Global warming common sense from the Caribbean

Wisdom seems frequently to come from unexpected corners. The following article, by Julian Kenny writing for the Trinidad and Tobago Express, offers refreshing realism about the IPCC and global warming hysteria. see "Global warming mists", Julian… more »

Huckabee impresses in person

While it's not a secret that I, as a non-social-conservative, am not interested in having a President Huckabee, I nevertheless could not help being impressed by Governor Huckabee in a speech he gave to the Leadership Program of the Rockies' annual… more »

GM Exec tells it like it is

I love this story... see "GM Exec Stands by Calling Global Warming a 'Crock'" (Reuters, 2/22/08) more »

Ritter giving Colorado policy to "global warming" extremists

I recently met with Paul Chesser, formerly of North Carolina's John Locke Foundation, who is tracking down the influence of an extreme environmentalist organization on "climate policy" in many states. Here's an important article about the group's… more »

Lili lights up the room with laughter

Here's one of those moments that makes life memorable (for me) daughter laughing at a scene in a Curious George movie: You can download it or play it in your own video player rather than YouTube with this link:… more »

Schaffer and Udall: Perception and Reality

re "Senate race a different story from four years ago" (Boulder Daily Camera, 2/17/08) To the Editor: While there’s no doubt that 2008 will be a difficult year… more »
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