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Schaffer and Udall: Whom do you vote like?

The Rocky Mountain News is taking a survey of how readers would vote on particular issues and then telling participants how Schaffer and Udall voted on those same issues. I voted with Schaffer on 15/20, though it could easily have been 17/20 as I was… more »

Stand-up Economics

Thanks to Jeff Dircksen at the National Taxpayers Union for posting this excellent and hilarious economics lesson, in which "Standup Economist" Yoram Bauman takes apart (very good economist) Greg Mankiw's 10 Principles of Economics. Bauman also has a… more »

Don Boudreaux: The lessons of his mother

Thanks to Don Boudreaux for writing this tremendous article: My mom, Don Boudreaux, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 3/28/08 more »

Richardson's endorsement of Obama shows candidate's weakness

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson’s endorsement of Barack Obama on Friday leaves one wondering whether an “audacity of hope” has infected his brain. The main points on which Richardson based his decision not to endorse the wife of his former boss… more »

Round One to the Earmarxists

Please read my article at Human Events today about the battle over pork barrel spending by Congress: see "Earmarxists Win a Big Round", Ross Kaminsky,, 3/26/08 more »

Of “Grim Milestones” and Perspective

For today's reading, I offer you this thought-provoking guest article by Mike R. The Media is agitated and exercised over another three zero number (4000) in the death toll in the Iraq War and of course the presidential candidates are making great hay… more »

The Warming Hiatus continues; so does media bias

The Australian (a newspaper from guess where) has one of the best articles I've ever read on the climate change debate, and I encourage you all to read it at: "Climate facts to warm to", Christopher Pearson, The Australian, 3/22/08… more »

More on "peak oil"

A reader named Dave offered a thoughtful comment to my posting about "peak oil theory" last week. Following is his comment, and then my response: Rossputin, In the arena of alternative energy, you run up against the constraints of ROI and EROEI. ROI… more »

Tune in this morning

Tune in from 9 AM - 11 AM Mountain time at 1310 AM in northern Colorado, or listen online at to hear me and Christopher Sanders talk politics, economics, movies and wine. more »

Debunking "peak oil" theory

I've written more than once on these pages that I think the "peak oil theory", namely that we're running out of oil in a time frame that is relevant, is bulls**t. Today, I offer you this interesting article in which an executive from Shell Oil (an… more »
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