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Excellent interview with Bob Schaffer

Bob Schaffer was interviewed for the PolitickerCO web site and did a great job fending off an attempt by the "reporter" to continue with the Denver Post's smear campaign about the so-called issue of Schaffer's trip to the Marianas Islands. You can read… more »

Ross on the radio

I'll be guest-hosting for Amy Oliver on Wednesday, April 30th on Newstalk 1310 (AM) KFKA in Greeley, CO. You can listen online at and you can call into the show at (877) 353-1310. Note, that's an (877) number, not an (800)… more »

Slowing down the train(wreck) to socialized medicine

[Previously posted on the Gang of Four blog...] In his April 24th article about Democrats “backing off health care promises”, David Sirota makes the same incorrect analysis of socialized medicine that most of the liberal elite makes. Namely, he… more »

Liberals hurt the poor in quest for power

Liberals claim care oh-so-deeply about the poor, not just in America (in fact not primarily in America, depending on the liberal group), but then take positions on economic policy which are deeply antithetical toward low-income people. Three such… more »

The Doug Bruce of Blogging

This note is a bit long, and is personal in the sense that it's about an attack on me by another blogger, rather than me writing about a national or local issue of the day. You may find it interesting, but you may not as well. I leave it to you, as… more »

WSJ's new liberal a perfect stereotype

The Wall Street Journal has added Mr. Thomas Frank as a regular to their opinion pages. His first piece, called "Obama's Touch of Class" is a perfect example of liberal inanity. Here's my letter to the Journal after reading Mr. Frank's article: I am… more »

Lightening the mood: The Ultimate Blonde Joke

Thanks to my father-in-law, Bob, for this joke. Even my (blonde) wife thinks it's funny. A blonde is driving a little too fast down her street when she sees police lights behind her, pulling her over. The uniformed officer walks over to her car… more »

The Imperial Bill Ritter

On Tuesday, Bill Ritter “celebrated Earth Day” (to quote a Denver Post article) by showing us that he’s part of the same crowd that thinks we can save the planet by burning our food. In typical imperial Ritter style, governing by Executive Order rather… more »

Keep grasping at straws, Hillary!

see "Both Obama and Clinton camps claim lead in popular votes", AP, 4/23/08 Hillary Clinton is on the campaign trail claiming that she leads Barack Obama in the popular vote. To… more »

We can't save the planet by burning our food

Finally, some people are recognizing the damage without any corresponding benefit that our rush to ethanol-the-energy-savior is causing. Read about it in my article for Human Events: see "Do-gooders and Politicians Support Faulty Ethanol Policy", Ross… more »
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