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Ollie North on the latest UN travesties

Here's a great article by Oliver North about the worse-than-worthless United Nations and the media's complicity in only reporting news which is negative for America even when there are extremely important stories waiting to be written about those who… more »

More oil and gasoline discussion

A few days ago, I posted on these pages a note I sent to a friend who asked about oil and gasoline prices. He passed it on to a couple of his friends, one of whom commented back. Following is my reply to his comments. (His comments are in italics,… more »

Another Trinity Church foot in Obama's mouth

This past Sunday (May 25, 2008), Father Michael Pfleger, a radical leftist (white) preacher gave a guest sermon at Chicago's Trinity Church, until recently the home of Reverend Jeremiah Wright. The speech was a marvel of anti-white racism and… more »

Publicly-financed elections: Unconstitutional and immoral

Here's my response to a Gang of Four blog posting which argues for publicly-financed elections: Nancy, my only interest in “campaign finance reform” is to do what is possible to reduce chances of corruption, of someone simply buying a politician, but… more »

A lesson on oil prices

A friend of mine asked me a few short questions...and I sent him a very long answer...about oil and gasoline prices. I case you're interested in the subject, here's the conversation: Hi Ross, It's Pat, and now it's my turn to ask you about… more »

More biofuel risks

Thanks to Paul Chesser for sending this along see "New Trend in Biofuels Has New Risks", NY Times, 5/21/08 As Paul asks, "When will it be time to give up?" While I have… more »

Memorial Day thoughts and Fredric Arnold

As we live today as (mostly) free Americans on this Memorial Day, I encourage you all to take a moment to thank and honor those brave Americans who have given their lives to defend their nation. (I don't want to get political today, but I have to add… more »

Responding to Rusty about McCain

Several days ago, in response to a Human Events article I wrote in which I said that McCain's position on "cap and trade" cemented my opposition to him, my friend Rusty asked whether that was a counter-productive view because McCain, although flawed, is… more »

Long but interesting political commentary video

This video, called "Black & White on the Grey Matters 2" is to the point, entertaining, and on target. If you have half an hour to watch (or a few minutes at a time as you get a chance), it's well worth checking out. The guy covers issues from the… more »

New poll gives support to Hillary's electability claim

A Quinnipiac University poll released yesterday gives more ammunition to Hillary Clinton’s argument that she’s the more electable Democrat in November. The poll of three “key swing states” shows Clinton beating McCain in Florida, Ohio, and… more »
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