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Ivan Eland: "Executive or Imperial Branch?"

Ivan Eland from the Independent Institute has written a short essay discussing the excesses of claimed power by the Executive Branch during the Bush Administration. You can read it here: "Executive or Imperial Branch?", Oakland Tribune column by Ivan… more »

Ethanol: A policy of taxation and starvation

For today's reading, please see my article at Human Events about the non-food related problems with ethanol. see "Ethanol, Starvation, and other Liberal ideas", Ross Kaminsky,, 5/5/09… more »

Interview with Sudanese ex-slave Simon Deng

Thanks to Christopher for bringing this to my attention. For today's offering, I recommend to you this 3-part interview with Simon Deng, a former slave from Sudan. It's eye-opening, compelling, and is yet another stake in the worthless heart of the… more »

Just can't pull the lever for McCain

A couple of days ago, former Senator Rick Santorum wrote a piece in which he endorsed John McCain despite reservations about him. After some thought, I can't get myself to agree... As a libertarian-leaning Republican, I share Rick Santorum’s early… more »

The Satirical Political Beliefs Assessment Test

Thanks to blogger Don Hagen for pointing out to me, as I now point out to you, his "Satirical Political Beliefs Assessment Test", subtitled as follows: "A Humorous Political Party Quiz to Test If You're an Archconservative, Leftwing Wacko,… more »

Rush Limbaugh responds!!!

Hello all, [Update: Rush mentioned and quoted my article briefly at the very beginning of the show. He didn't offer much additional comment on it, but just the fact that he mentioned my name is a nice feather in my cap.] A friend of mine who's… more »

Joshua Sharf for Colorado House

Joshua Sharf, whom I have met and spoken to quite a few times during various political or free-market events, is running for House District 6, the seat being vacated by term-limited Andrew Romanoff. He is exceptionally intelligent, quite conservative,… more »

Suggestion to Rush Limbaugh: Enough Operation Chaos

If Rush Limbaugh were to ask my opinion about his “Operation Chaos” in which he encouraged Republican voters to vote for Hillary Clinton in their states’ Democratic primaries (including changing their party registration if necessary), here’s what I’d… more »

Don't buy the liberals' health care deceptions

[Previously posted on Gang of Four blog] Nancy, one of the resident liberals at the Gang of Four, issued a short response to my posting about "Slowing the train(wreck) toward socialized medicine" which I posted on these pages yesterday. You can read… more »
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