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Economic whiners?

Most of you know what happened to former Senator Phil Gramm when he said that the nation was in a "mental recession". In case you weren't paying attention, shortly thereafter he resigned as a co-chairman of the McCain campaign. There is no doubt that… more »

Obama's non-bounce from campaigning in Europe

Despite the wailing and gnashing of teeth from certain quarters following my note that Obama's performance in Germany was one of his weakest, as well as noting his canceling a visit to a military hospital, new data seems to show that my analysis of the… more »

Book Review: Doorknob Five Two

Doorknob Five Two is a remarkable book by a remarkable man. Fredric Arnold is true "Renaissance Man" with talents from art to acting to business to inventing to being an extraordinary WWII fighter pilot and, with a more than small degree of regret on… more »

Exclusive interview: Senator Hank Brown

On Friday I had the privilege of interviewing former Senator Hank Brown. The exclusive interview, although brief, offered some interesting political insights from one of Colorado’s most respected public servants. Most of my conversation with Senator… more »

Stratfor on the Dillon Dam Road closure

In a report from which has particular relevance to readers here in Colorado, two analysts discuss specific issues surrounding Colorado's Dillon Reservoir, the road over which was closed recently for security reasons. The report also covers… more »

If only actual media coverage of Obama weren't so similar...

The following article is fairly amusing, but also depressing for reminding us that typical mainstream media coverage of Obama isn't all that different from the article's lampooning. see "He ventured forth to bring light to the world", Times (UK)… more »

Obama's weak performance in Germany

In a historic and presumptuous speech in Berlin, Barack Obama wasted half an hour of a nice summer evening for the roughly two hundred thousand curiosity seekers, groupies, and other viewers of the event in person or on TV. Obama's speeches are… more »

Just how much more "progressive" do liberals want our tax system?

The 2006 data regarding who pays how much income tax, in terms of what percentiles of earners pay what percentage of total taxes is now available for 2006. see It shows that the system is the most… more »

Oil economics for liberals

Anti-energy Democrats and environmentalists can be found daily claiming that starting new drilling for oil and gas now can't possibly help lower energy prices in the short term because it will take a long time for the oil to get to market. Anyone with… more »

McCain VP pick coming soon?

Wednesday update: Today, John Fund of the Wall Street Journal offers the following. "Barack Obama may be grabbing headlines overseas, but John McCain's campaign knew exactly how to grab a few of its own this week. His staff apparently encouraged a… more »
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