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Not Ready 08 Central

Late Sunday afternoon I had the opportunity to be given a guided walk-through of the Republican National Committee’s Denver headquarters, called “Not Ready ’08 Central” by many of the RNC staff manning the battle stations. Walking into the building,… more »

Obama's old-style dirty campaign

Thanks to the guys at for highlighting this important story (and funny cartoon). From the Philadelphia Enquirer, this article is a must read: "Obama to pony up street money in November" more »

Peoples Press Collective

Over the coming week, I'll be working with the People's Press Collective (as well as other groups) to cover the scene outside the Democratic National Convention. The Peoples Press Collective is a group of local Coloradoan citizen journalists… more »

Obama chooses Biden for VP running mate

You can read my brief bio of Joe Biden and some analysis of Obama's choice at more »

The History of the "McCain Surge"

For today's leading, may I suggest this article (which I thank Rusty for pointing out to me) which is a rather long (maybe unnecessarily long, but still interesting) history of how the Iraq surge came to happen despite opposition of many key players… more »

Three cheers for a do-nothing Congress

re "By their resolutions you shall know them", Rocky Mountain News editorial, 8/20/08 The inactivity of the current do-nothing Congress in the last session was… more »

Another skeleton in Obama's closet

A fascinating bit of investigative journalism may pose the latest major risk to Obama from voters learning about his past associations, failures, and attempts by his surrogates to cover them up. It's a fairly short article and well worth a… more »

The British explain school choice and the dead hand of government

Thanks to Don Boudreaux for bringing this to my attention. It should be required viewing for American voters, parents, and politicians. more »

Above his pay grade

On Saturday, at the Saddleback Church event, both Barack Obama and John McCain were asked when a baby gets human rights. McCain answered rapidly: "At conception". Obama gave one of the worst answers of his campaign...and I say this as someone who's… more »

Exclusive Interview: RNC Deputy Chairman Frank Donatelli

I had the opportunity to interview Frank Donatelli, Deputy Chairman of the Republican National Committee, on Friday afternoon. Mr. Donatelli had just returned to Washington, D.C. after a multi-state trip which included a visit to Colorado to get a… more »
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