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The media's take on Saddleback

Interesting that probably the political editor of the most left-leaning major network, NBC, seems to think that McCain got the better of the event: And although many Obama addicts will… more »

Just say no to the "Gang of Ten"

In last week's Denver Post article about Mark Udall's reversal on offshore drilling, Mike Riley notes that the plan which Udall seems to be accepting, a plan from the so-called "Gang of Ten" group of 5 Democrat and 5 (politically idiotic) Republican… more »

Time for some Campaignin'

Thanks to Mike for sending this along... more »

test posting...please ignore

just testing the new category in preparation for the DNC more »

If you think the problems are bad...

The people over at have a great new "demotivator": Government You can get a 24" x 30" poster or a 5" x 7" framed version for your desk... more »

What kind of world does Obama think we live in?

Today I offer you this short video of Barack Obama in his own words, explaining why he should not be President of the United States. What kind of world does he think we live in? I realize this video was made several months ago, before the Russian… more »

What John Edwards and the Iraq Surge have in common

What do the news stories about John Edwards having an affair and the success of the surge in Iraq have in common? They're both bad news for Democrats so they both go unreported for as long as possible in the mainstream media. It is only now that the… more »

Lieberman on McCain's short list for VP? Say it isn't so! is reporting that Senator Joe Lieberman (I/D-CT) is on John McCain's short list for Vice-President. McCain's terrible positions on "global warming", "campaign finance reform", and immigration already make him anything but a darling of the… more »

Book Review: The Case Against Barack Obama

David Freddoso's "The Case Against Barack Obama" is a well-researched 240 pages which lays out the case that Barack Obama is anything but the agent of "change" and "reform" which he wants voters to "hope" he is. Freddoso shows that almost every time… more »

Predictions for Colorado primaries

Predictions for tomorrow’s primaries: In Tuesday’s Colorado primaries, we have some very interesting and truly contested contests. I’m going to go with modest longshots in each of my three predictions, in no small part because they’re the outcomes… more »
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