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Rima Barakat: Anti-semitic anti-American liar

It still stuns me that the Republicans in Colorado's House District 6 were fooled by Rima Barakat. How could someone so hateful of America and Israel possibly be the Republican nominee for anything? This is not to say that the Democrats are an… more »

To residents of Colorado's 5th Congressional District

Dear friends and readers, I am writing today to ask you to join me in support of my friend, Jeff Crank, in his election for the Republican nomination for Colorado's Fifth Congressional District. (In case you're not sure what district you're in, the… more »


I'd like to direct your attention to a very informative new web site, Ballotpedia, a wiki-style "encyclopedia of citizen-powered democracy" which contains information about ballot initiatives and referenda from across the nation. Here in Colorado, a… more »

Don Boudreaux on the minimum wage

5 August 2008 Editor, New York Post Dear Editor: You should rethink your "Rethinking minimum wage" (August 5). First, your history is flawed; the federal minimum wage began in 1938, not in the 1950s. More importantly, it's untrue that "the… more »

Not even at $10 per gallon

This is the way that Democrats will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in November. Thank you very much, Ken Salazar and Mark Udall, for being even stronger opposition to yourselves than your opponents are or will be. I'm sure Kenny will be seeing… more »

America's intellectual terrorists, Part 2

Of course the ultimate example of the left’s intolerance for anyone who isn’t blindly leftist came from comments to an earlier article. I’m not sure where the comments are, so I’ll paraphrase. The commenter wanted readers of the Gang of Four blog to… more »

America's intellectual terrorists, Part 1

Until joining the Gang of Four, most of my regular writing was either on my own blog or for the non-partisan site or the overtly conservative site The Gang represents my first regular involvement with a site whose… more »

Political betting lines update

As of 11 PM on Monday on, Barack Obama was trading about 58% to be our next president, his lowest betting odds since early June. I'll let you make your own interpretations of the meaning of Hillary Clinton still trading over 4%. As far as… more »

Schaffer's experience matters

In his posting a couple of days ago, David Sirota offered this comment: "Schaffer has been trying to pretend his career as an oil executive is somehow a political benefit at a time of $4 gas..." While leftists might believe that Schaffer is… more »

Ross on the radio Sunday evening

Dear readers, Please try to tune in as I guest host "Backbone Radio" for John Andrews today(Sunday, August 3rd) from 5 PM - 8 PM Mountain Time, joined by Joshua Sharf and Kathleen Lecrone. Feel free to join in the conversation by calling in to the… more »
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