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Happy to hear "libertarian" mentioned regarding the bailout defeat

It does my heart good to read/hear multiple sources describe a surge of libertarian sentiment (even if not knowingly so) from voters, and to hear a fairly important TV business commentator suggest that Libertarian candidate Bob Barr might gain a little… more »

The Freak on the Bailout

My friend "The Freak" sent the following to his Congressman. I like the metaphor he uses and the treatment he prescribes. Dear Congressman xxxxxx, Our financial markets are acting like drug addicts. When an addict first begins taking drugs, he is… more »

Two good articles on the bailout from the Independent Institute

These two articles are both worth reading. Ivan Eland's is far more anti-President Bush than is Alvaro Vargas Llosa's... see "Wall Street Socialism", Alvaro Vargas Llosa, 9/24/08 see… more »

House rejects bailout plan

The House of Representatives defeated the Administration's proposed bailout/buyout plan by 205-228. In the few minutes after the vote, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 700 points. After attempting a recovery, it fell again in the last hour and… more »

Vote No on the Bailout

The following is an e-mail I sent to a Republican Congressman who was asking for input on the bailout proposal before today's vote. I have removed the name of the Congressman... Dear Congressman xxxxx, My name is Ross Kaminsky. I'm a 21-year veteran… more »

Butch Cassidy is dead

Paul Newman, one of the great American actors of all time, died on Saturday. Please see the obituary I wrote of Newman at more »

My thoughts on the first McCain-Obama debate

I call it a split-decision for McCain in what was very much a tale of two debates: see "Split-Decision for McCain", Ross Kaminsky, more »

Schaffer's energy experience a major plus

Liberal special interests have been attempting to paint Senate candidate Bob Schaffer as somehow in the pocket of “big oil”. During these times of $4 gasoline, Schaffer should react to “criticism” of having worked in the energy industry in much the same… more »

Rule change hypocrisy

When it comes to financial stocks, the government engineered one of the largest, if briefest, short squeezes of all time last Friday by making it illegal to short their shares. It was too late for Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, and AIG as well as the… more »

Colorado's coming budget crisis and our own Sergeant Schultz

In a memo released Monday, Colorado's Legislative Council Staff released a memo forecasting a decline of nearly $100 million in the money available for the state government's 2008-09 budget. And that number masks a worse piece of information within the… more »
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