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Responding to Mark Skousen about McCain's chances

The following is a comment I posted to a article by economist Mark Skousen who argues that economic conditions will cause Obama to win the election. Mark, Although you're right that Obama is still the betting favorite, you're missing a… more »

McCain Campaign Should Heed The Wisdom of Napoleon

As I prepare to take two airplane flights on the 7th anniversary of 9/11/01, here are a few thoughts on the most recent example of Sarah Palin throwing the Democrats into confusion... I don’t believe for a moment that Barack Obama was referring to… more »

The Truth About Barack Obama: What Every American Needs to Know

For your enlightenment and entertainment, please allow me to suggest you read this rather long essay I wrote essentially as a book review of David Freddoso's "The Case Against Barack Obama". As I said, it's quite long, but worth the effort (in my… more »

It takes a British liberal to see the relevance of Palin

Thanks to The Freak for bringing this article to my attention. It's a very insightful piece about American conservatives by a non-American non-conservative. One of the many concepts I find interesting and important in the article is this: "It never… more »

John S on Palin Power and Obama's Birth

A quick note from my friend John S. (not using his last name because I haven't yet actually asked him if I can post this!) about the influence of "Palin Power" on the election, something we've heard a fair bit about in recent days, as well as a… more »

A politician get it exactly right on "climate change"

Jerome Delvin, a state senator from Washington, has written one of the best short pieces I've found about the disastrous politics of "global warming", the junk science behind it, and the threat that policy choices based on this hoax imply for our… more »

Cheney's tough talk in Georgia

Lost in the hullabaloo surrounding the Republican Convention was Vice President Dick Cheney's visit to Georgia, Azerbaijan, and the Ukraine, right in the middle of the Soviet's area of desired increased influence. Cheney's tough talk while on the trip… more »

Boudreaux on "peak oil"

My friend Don Boudreaux has been on a roll lately, writing some truly important and basic lessons about liberty and free markets. Most of his writings that I post for my readers are letters to editors. Today, we have the chance to read a full-length… more »

Brian Wesbury with economic news the Democrats and media don't want you to hear

Incomes Up, Inequality Down To view this article as PDF, Click Here Brian S. Wesbury - Chief Economist, First Trust Portfolios Robert Stein, CFA - Senior Economist, First Trust Portfolios Date: 9/2/2008 With all the news about political conventions,… more »

Don Boudreaux gets to the fundamentals of free markets

2 September 2008 Editor, The Wall Street Journal 200 Liberty Street New York, NY 10281 To the Editor: Crusading for a national "energy plan" and upset that Holman Jenkins isn't on board, T. Boone Pickens asks rhetorically: "My father used to tell… more »
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