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McCain exceeds expectations dramatically

I'm on a plane this morning, but please visit Human Events at to see the article I wrote yesterday evening about John McCain's acceptance speech Thursday night. Short version: I was very impressed (and so was my wife.) more »

An important Democratic woman stands up for Sarah Palin

Thanks to Greg S. for bringing this to my attention... Here's a right-on-target piece by Hillary Clinton supporter Susan Estrich regarding why the media's attacks on Governor Sarah Palin are the height of hypocrisy: see "Sarah Palin and the Double… more »

In case you forgot, there's still a war going on...

...and there's good news coming from Iraq. IBD sums up the current news situation nicely: Iraq War: We interrupt coverage of Bristol Palin's pregnancy to announce that the U.S. has turned over control of Iraq's wild, wild west to Baghdad. Memo to… more »

Little known facts about Sarah Palin

OK, this is rather silly, but it's funny enough to share with you: One of my favorites: "Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin uses French Canadians as bait to catch giant king salmon." more »

Giuliani and Palin: Back-to-back home runs

I mentioned in yesterday's somewhat pessimistic note that in order for Governor Sarah Palin to return to being a positive for the McCain campaign two things needed to happen: Palin and/or McCain needed to give a speech that would force or shame the… more »

Is Palin a negative after 4 days?

Maybe it’s true that the outrageous smear campaign by leftist bloggers, claiming that Governor Sarah Palin’s most recent child was actually born to Bristol Palin, is galvanizing support for McCain among conservative voters. Maybe it’s true that… more »

Christopher thinks Palin's still a positive

Here's Christopher's glass-more-than-half-full counter-point to my depressing note wondering whether Governor Palin is a negative for McCain after 4 days... I feel good! Things are looking pretty darn good! Sarah Palin is under assault from the lunatic… more »

Don Boudreaux: Inexperience necessary

Another wonderful anti-politician letter to the editor by my friend Don Boudreaux 1 September 2008 Mr. Michael Kinsley, Slate Dear Mr. Kinsley: You’re correct that Sarah Palin has no more experience in the ways of Washington than does Barack Obama… more »

With friends like these

With Obama supporters like Sean Combs, aka P Diddy, the McCain campaign must be thanking its lucky stars. The guy seems to be seriously arguing that she shouldn't be McCain's running mate because "there's not even no crack heads" in Alaska. That's part… more »

Ross on the radio Tuesday morning

For those of you who are interested and have the time, please tune in your radio or your web browser to listen as I guest host the Amy Oliver Show on Newstalk 1310 KFKA in Greeley, Colorado Tuesday morning (September 2) from 9 AM to 11 AM Mountain Time… more »
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