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McCain exceeds expectations dramatically

I'm on a plane this morning, but please visit Human Events at to see the article I wrote yesterday evening about John McCain's acceptance speech Thursday night. Short version: I was very impressed (and so was my wife.) more »

An important Democratic woman stands up for Sarah Palin

Thanks to Greg S. for bringing this to my attention... Here's a right-on-target piece by Hillary Clinton supporter Susan Estrich regarding why the media's attacks on Governor Sarah Palin are the height of hypocrisy: see "Sarah Palin and the Double… more »

In case you forgot, there's still a war going on...

...and there's good news coming from Iraq. IBD sums up the current news situation nicely: Iraq War: We interrupt coverage of Bristol Palin's pregnancy to announce that the U.S. has turned over control of Iraq's wild, wild west to Baghdad. Memo to… more »