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Happy to hear "libertarian" mentioned regarding the bailout defeat

It does my heart good to read/hear multiple sources describe a surge of libertarian sentiment (even if not knowingly so) from voters, and to hear a fairly important TV business commentator suggest that Libertarian candidate Bob Barr might gain a little… more »

The Freak on the Bailout

My friend "The Freak" sent the following to his Congressman. I like the metaphor he uses and the treatment he prescribes. Dear Congressman xxxxxx, Our financial markets are acting like drug addicts. When an addict first begins taking drugs, he is… more »

Two good articles on the bailout from the Independent Institute

These two articles are both worth reading. Ivan Eland's is far more anti-President Bush than is Alvaro Vargas Llosa's... see "Wall Street Socialism", Alvaro Vargas Llosa, 9/24/08 see… more »