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Schaffer stomps Udall on economics

How can anybody who cares about the economy, which is obviously by far the most important issue of this election, vote for Mark Udall? Congressman Udall has no understanding of economics, and almost everything he thinks he knows is wrong. Bob Schaffer… more »

Gallup: Little evidence of surge in youth vote

In an interesting report Friday afternoon, Gallup argues that the turnout of voters between the ages of 18-29 does not seem likely to be substantially higher than it was in 2004 in terms of share of the total number of votes cast. Although some… more »

Breaking News: Bill Richardson lowers Obama's definition of rich down to $120,000

This morning, New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, and enthusiastic supporter of Barack Obama, continued the downward ratchet of the level of income at which Barack Obama intends to confiscate income. Obama started at $250,000, then said $200,000. Joe… more »

Halloween greetings from an American soldier

Thanks to Sgt. Jason Chai Staff and all members of the US military who are taking the ultimate risk in the service of our nation. more »

Boudreaux on Obama's "Socialism-lite"

I was tempted to put this in the other "Barack the Redistributor" posting, but it's such an important article I decided to post a separate link to it. This article is by Don Boudreaux, Chairman of the Department of Economics at George Mason University,… more »

Dan Henninger: Once it's done, it's done

Here's an excellent article by the Wall Street Journal's Dan Henninger discussing how an Obama election would be truly historic in the worst possible way. See "The True Meaning of 'Historic Vote'", Daniel Henninger, WSJ, 10/30/08… more »

"Barack the Redistributor"

On the increasingly prominent subject of Barack Obama's overt support for income redistribution (i.e. socialism), allow me to suggest the following three columns: First, an excellent short piece by Pittsburgh Tribune-Review columnist Salena Zito: see… more »

New RNC ad for Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania

I've been wondering why the McCain campaign hasn't kept Jeremiah Wright as an issue over recent months. In my view, Obama's long association with Wright says a lot about Obama...all of it bad. The RNC has finally decided to bring up the issue again,… more »

Video: Compliation of Obama's radical associations and endorsements

This long video lays out Barack Obama's close ties to radical Muslim and terrorist interests in the US and abroad, including endorsements by some of the world's worst men. more »

A Democratic woman supporting she the rule or the exception?

About 4 weeks ago, I wrote a piece on my blog in which I wondered aloud whether Democratic women might vote for McCain in any numbers significant enough to matter, i.e. because they are upset about what happened to Hillary. I continue to believe it's a… more »
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