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Israel and Hamas

While I never like news of civilian casualties, and particularly wounded or killed children, the news from Gaza seems to show a remarkably low level of such "collateral damage" (less than 20% of deaths, reportedly) given the scale of attack being… more »

Don Boudreaux on the similarity between Madoff and Social Security

29 December 2008 Editor, The New York Times 229 West 43rd St. New York, NY 10036 To the Editor: Like many people, Ben Stein was assured that Bernard Madoff "never lost money" ("They Told Me That Madoff Never Lost Money," December 28). Unlike many… more »

Rossputin interviewed by Face The State about blogging

In the "Shameless Self-Promotion" category, please allow me to suggest you listen to a brief interview of yours truly by Face The State, during which I primarily speak on the issue of blogging. The link is here:… more »

The Freak responds to Chris Jenkins

My good friend The Freak, who is a licensed attorney (because he felt like becoming one even though his job isn't actually in the field of law), responded to some questions by guest-blogger (or guest-questioner) Chris Jenkins. The response arrived as a… more »

Alex Epstein on the financial crisis: Free-marketers must speak up!

The Telegraph [London] December 10, 2008 What capitalists need to understand By Alex Epstein Iain Martin’s observation - “A culture war has been launched against free markets and so far the hostilities have been astonishingly one-sided” -… more »

Merry Xmas to all my goyim friends and readers

To all my non-Jewish friends (or friends with non-Jewish spouses), I wish you a Merry Christmas. (I would like to point out that Jews and atheists are allowed to say "Merry Christmas.") I'll be spending the day with Kristen's extended family in… more »

Idiots: "Global cooling doesn't mean anything about Global Warming"

I'm traveling today, so please allow me to offer you this excellent article from the Las Vegas Journal Review discussing how "climate change" alarmists want to destroy our economy to fight a problem which only a kool-aid drinking cult member could claim… more »

A highly-caffeinated resort

As I sit here on Matangi Island in the northern region of Fiji, the island next to me is apparently being developed into the world's second "seven star resort" by the people who founded Red Bull energy drink. I'm told the following: They bought the… more »

The villanous Dr. George Bosh

A man is walking into the hospital where his wife had been admitted the day before. She was being treated for high blood pressure and a slightly irregular heart rhythm. As the man arrives, he sees the doctor who had been treating his wife being led out… more »

A couple days of relaxation

I'm taking a couple much-needed and well-deserved days away from serious blogging, while I sit here on Matangi Island in northern Fiji, listening to the waves in the gentle breeze, drinking cold white wine, playing Scrabble with Kristen, and enjoying… more »
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