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And people called George W Bush stupid...

Although this news came out a few days ago, I needed something for my Saturday note because I’m traveling and don’t have time to write…and since the story shows Joe Biden, yet again, to be a dunce, I’m guessing many of you… more »

Market can't fight economic fascism

While I predicted (though not with high confidence) a potential temporary market rally over the next few weeks, the market simply can’t fight through the continuing stream of economic fascism (and I do not mean that as hyperbole) coming from the… more »

Squeezing out a market-generated recovery

On Wednesday, the National Association of Realtors reported that existing home sales fell 5.3% in January, much worse than expectations, and the slowest sales rate in 11 years. There was an interesting comment from NAR’s senior economist,… more »

A few early-morning headlines of note, and thoughts which might not be of note

Official: Budget projects $1.75 trillion deficit GM posts $9.6B 4Q loss, burns through $6.2B cash Royal Bank of Scotland reports $34 billion annual loss Ukraine’s credit rating cut by S&P amid default fears We’re surrounded by the… more »

Take your bailouts and shove them, part 2

Since I wrote two weeks ago about the stock market’s negative reaction to the Obama Administration’s steady stream of bailouts, “investments", and socialism, the market has fallen further (about 8% at yesterday’s close) to levels… more »

State of the Union? Nothing socialism and the Messiah can't fix, apparently!

Let’s start with the good part of President Obama’s State of the Union speech last night, since that’s a much shorter task: He said his administration has “identified $2 trillion in savings over the next decade.” (A… more »

Mixed emotions about lost "global warming" satellite

On Tuesday morning, a satellite launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California failed to achieve orbit and apparently plunged to it’s electronic death somewhere near Antarctica. I’m of very mixed emotions about this. The satellite… more »

Steven Crowder: The Qu'ran Challenge

h/t to Mister Bob SHARETHIS.addEntry( { title : 'Steven Crowder: The Qu'ran Challenge', url : ''}, { button:… more »

The Freak: Mussolini's last words

My friend “The Freak” offered the following as a comment to a prior blog post linking to two articles about economic fascism on the rise in America. I thought it was worth having its own posting rather than just being a comment.… more »

Your nest egg on the government bailout plan

Thanks to Amanda of Liberty on the Rocks for this graphic demonstration of what your government is doing to your financial future. SHARETHIS.addEntry( { title : 'Your nest egg on the government bailout plan',… more »
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