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Americans vote with their feet on Obama's view of guns

It’s quite amazing to see how busy gun stores are and how empty the ammunition shelves are these days. Read more about what I think is a very interesting subject in my article at Human Events today: “Are You Hoarding Ammo?”… more »

Now they realize the Big Three aren't viable?

I’m somewhat pleased to say that the Obama Administration is rejecting the restructuring plans of GM and Chrysler. The bad news is that the Administration has already given them billions of our (taxpayer) dollars and will continue to fund them… more »

A remarkably good defense of free markets from Britain

It’s so rare to see a passionate defense of free markets from Europe that I feel compelled to share this with you…and it’s good enough to deserve sharing in its own right:… more »

State Representative Levy responds to electoral college issue

I’m pleased to say that my Representative in Colorado’s General Assembly, Claire Levy, has responded to my note asking her to oppose HB1299, the move to give Colorado’s electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote.… more »

Obama forces out CEO of GM

Politico is reporting that GM CEO Rick Wagoner is resigning, effective immediately, “at the government’s behest.” While my gut reaction was anger at Obama, after a few minutes I’m less angry. After all, it’s just the next… more »

One idea for saving some money in the Federal budget

A group of Republican Congressman offer one particular suggestion for an organization which should no longer receive any money from US taxpayers: see “Cut off Relief Agency UNRWA backed U.S. foes for years”… more »

Earth Hour to exacerbate global cooling

Muddle-headed environmentalists and do-gooders have a plan to turn off their lights from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM tonight in an apparent bid to save the planet from global warming…which is not occurring. In an effort to slow the next ice age, I urge… more »

Smoking is healthier than fascism

Thanks to BureauCrash for this important public safety message: SHARETHIS.addEntry( { title : 'Smoking is healthier than fascism', url :… more »

Who said these words?

Although these words were spoken about two months ago, recent developments have made them seem even more relevant. Here’s a multiple choice question: Who said the words below? A) Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Russia B) Nicolas Sarkozy,… more »

Tom Tancredo weighs in about Cory Voorhis, Ramos & Compean, and sanctuary cities

On Sunday, former Congressman Tom Tancredo had an OpEd in the Washington Times entitled “Tale of Two Sanctuary Cities.” While I am not a Tancredo-style immigration hawk (I’d like to see more legal immigration into this country),… more »
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