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In a remarkable turn of events, but one which has seemed somewhat likely since the original conviction of former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, the Justice Department has filed a motion to drop all charges against Stevens, citing prosecutorial misconduct.… more »
[Update: The State Senate’s Appropriations Committee has just passed SB170 by a 5-4 vote, overriding all amendments from Republicans which would have offered the same treatment to legal immigrants as illegal immigrants, pointing out that the bill… more »
Not even 48 hours after my state Representative, Claire Levy, sent me a long explanation of her support for HB1299 which would nearly eliminate the important of small (and small-ish) states like Colorado in Presidential elections, Mrs. Levy has not only… more »
Thanks to Cortney for sending me to this extremely valuable video. I normally don’t use a video as my primary posting for the day, but this video is both long enough and important enough that I want it to stand alone. In it, the narrator… more »
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