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Obama to release Gitmo terrorists into the US

In the latest demonstration of President Obama’s utter disdain for his primary job, namely keeping the nation safe from attack, Jed Babbin is reporting that the administration is about to release 17 Chinese Uighur terrorists – captured at an… more »

Stratfor on "A Chilling Effect on U.S. Counterterrorism"

Thanks to Stratfor for this interesting discussion of counter-terrorism, sparked in part by the (unconscionable) release of the (not) “torture memos” by the Obama Administration.” A Chilling Effect on U.S. Counterterrorism April 29,… more »

Arrogance inherent in liberalism

re “Obama’s liberal arrogance will be his undoing", Jonah Goldberg, LA Times, 4/28/09,0,5623626.column To the Editor: Jonah Goldberg is undoubtedly correct that the… more »