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Cash for clunkers crashes as people get their money for nothing

[Update: On Friday, the House passed a measure to divert $2 billion from the Energy Department to the “Cash for Clunkers” program. It faces more of an uphill battle in the Senate. The only way the response to a program would be this big is… more »

Stimulus money not going to needed infrastructure repairs

The AP is reporting that many or most bridges which are receiving federal “stimulus” money are not the bridges most in need of repair. The issue is that states want to spend money on the easiest projects which also tend to be in the richer… more »

When is a choice not a choice? In ObamaCare.

The National Taxpayers Union has done an interesting analysis of the language of the Democrats’ proposed health care “reform” bill, the title of which emphasize “Choices". But the reality is that the bill represents only choices… more »

Ben Stein drifts toward the right answer

For a guy who was a Republican speech writer and studied economics in both college (Columbia) and graduate school (Yale), Ben Stein has some unfortunate left-leaning tendencies. For example, he has argued that health care is a right. But Mr. Stein… more »

Democrats fascism on the march; House committee votes to regulate executive pay

I don’t recall on which of the blogs I contribute to it was where I got a comment that the Administration does not want to broadly regulate executive pay. I said something like “Geithner has said it before and even though he’s… more »

Josh Penry unveils new campaign ad

Josh Penry, the Colorado State Senate Minority Leader and announced candidate for Governor of Colorado, has unveiled a new campaign commercial (just over 2 minutes long) with a focus on avoiding more tax hikes, getting Coloradoans “back to work",… more »

Is Blue Moon too White? Obama's racial foot-in-mouth

Sometime soon, probably this week, President Obama is likely to sit down with Cambridge Police Sergeant James Crowley and Harvard race-hustler/professor Henry Louis Gates for a group hug. They’ll partake in some Blue Moon beer, which we’ve… more »

When even Zogby has Obama down...

When even a Zogby poll shows Obama’s ratings plummeting, you know The One is in trouble. Zogby has a reputation for a bit of liberal bias, and you can see that he desperately wants to avoid mentioning that his poll shows more people disapprove of… more »

UK foreshadows future for US banks

The BBC is reporting that Alistair Darling, the Chancellor of the Exchequer (roughly equivalent to our Treasury Secretary), is interested in questioning banks over whether their interest rates for small business loans and mortgages are too high.… more »

Democrats censor health care debate

Connie Hair of Human Events reports on the truly reprehensible behavior of Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership trying to stifle opposition to their government take-over of health care: see “GOP Not Allowed to Say ‘Government-Run… more »
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