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Bite me, Jew boy

Now that I have your attention with that blog post title… How many of you have heard about the mini-scandal regarding NBC and the libertarian/conservative non-profit called Americans for Limited Government? The short version of the story: ALG… more »

Global Warming: If you don't have good science, lose the science you have

One thing you can say about global warming climate change alarmists is that (like all leftists), they are almost amusingly utilitarian, i.e. they will do or say anything to reach their goals, even if their goals are based on a concept that has no… more »

Don't trust polls from a fake "Institute"

[Update: I was pleased to see that the Grand Junction Sentinel published my letter…] As Ben DeGrow has noted in some detail, the Colorado Policy Institute, although named to sound like an independent think tank, is essentially an arm of Scott… more »

Probably the single best economic argument against Obamacare

There are lots of reasons to oppose Obamacare, from the fact that the leftist goals it entails are unconstitutional to the fact that the plans currently being discussed won’t even accomplish those goals.  On Friday, an opinion piece by three… more »

Born 1776, Died 2008

  SHARETHIS.addEntry( { title : 'Born 1776, Died 2008', url : ''}, { button: true } ) ; more »

More on the fear of political violence

It’s amusing to be called “stupid” or “dishonest” by someone who carries the water for the furthest-left, most economically-ignorant fringes of American Democrats, but that’s what David Sirota has just called me (in… more »

Obama's latest insane czar choice

When is this going to stop? A (recently fired) “czar” who calls Republicans “assholes"… A “czar” who believes that the President rather than courts should determine what the law means, and who believes that animals… more »

So you still don't believe the left propagandizes our children?

I’ve written a few times about the tendency of dictatorships of all stripes to brainwash their children into a fawning cult of personality about the nation’s leader(s).  Some are skeptical, but most of the skeptics are closed-minded… more »

Dems brainwashed into fearing political violence

Perhaps the ultimate expression of the liberal echo chamber and the current utter disconnect between Democrats and the rest of American society was reflected in a Rasmussen Reports poll released on Tuesday. The main topic of the poll, voter anger with… more »

Court overturns FCC regulations on political spending by non-profits

Last Friday, a three-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit overturned a lower court ruling and invalidated several important Federal Election Commission regulations regarding how non-profit organizations can raise… more »
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