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Iran to build new uranium enrichment facilities: How are those non-preconditions working out for you, Obama?

President Barack Obama is just barely willing to talk to Fox News but believes in speaking to the world’s leading dictators and terrorists “without preconditions."  While his naive leftist base and enemies of the nation might find that… more »

A theory about the Washington cop killings

Yesterday, a month after an execution-style drive-by killing of a police officer in Seattle, four Tacoma (Washington) area uniformed police officers were shot in a coffee shop as they were doing their morning administrative work on their laptop… more »

Why did Tiger Woods crash into a tree?

Please tell me you have more important things to think about than this question.  I know I do. SHARETHIS.addEntry( { title : 'Why did Tiger Woods crash into a tree?', url :… more »

Ross on the radio this evening (November 29)

I’ll be guest-hosting for John Andrews’ “Backbone Radio” show this evening from 5 PM to 8 PM on Denver’s 710-AM KNUS. Please listen in if you get a chance, either on the radio if you’re in the area or over the web if… more »

Harvard Med School Dean: Health 'Reform' Gets a Failing Grade

I’m traveling today, so please allow me to offer this interesting WSJ opinion piece from last week as your daily dose of intellectual ammunition: Over at the Wall Street Journal, Jeffrey Flier, dean of the Harvard University School of Medicine… more »

Happy Thanksgiving

From my sister’s home in North Carolina, I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving. Yes, even the liberals who read this.   SHARETHIS.addEntry( { title : 'Happy Thanksgiving', url :… more »

Should this happen on a party-line vote?

Complaints by Democrats about the GOP offering nothing but obstruction miss the target for several reasons and mask a fundamentally important question about what Democrats are now trying to do in Congress. The first problem with a charge of GOP… more »

Michelle Malkin: Eric Holder and the Culture of Corruption

I’m traveling today, so for today’s reading may I offer a note from Michelle Malkin’s blog in which she reprints a section of her recent best-selling book “Culture of Corruption” regarding Eric Holder’s seedy past and… more »

My note to Senator Bennet re: Senate health care bill

First, below, is a note I sent to Colorado’s junior senator, Michael Bennet, last Thursday.  Following my note is the vacuous form letter I received in response. Dear Senator Bennet, I realize this note is almost certainly falling on deaf ears,… more »

Ronald Reagan's warnings against socialized medicine

If you changed the name of a Congressman or two, Reagan’s criticisms of and warnings against precisely the sort of “reform” which Democrats are trying to shove down our throats remain as timely as ever:… more »
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