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Reflections on 2009

Before I start on my note for the day, please allow me to thank all my readers (and especially those who took the time to offer comments) for an interesting 2009 from the perspective of a blogger.  It’s increasingly difficult to find the time to… more »

What's in a name (or title)?

Over at, they have an article about security reviews ordered by President Obama.  At least, that’s what you get when you click on the article’s title from the main page.  However, based on the title itself, I wondered if… more »

Another Obama Administration travesty of justice

[Update: Coincidentally, over at the WSJ, Shelby Steele has written a note on the same path as this one, though with a wider view about Barack Obama:] While the Obama… more »

Does anyone take Obama seriously on national security?

After the just-barely-failed bomb attack on a Delta flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano’s knee-jerk response was that the “system worked.” With even leftists calling her to… more »

Don't be fooled by Senate Dems pushing to "drop Cap-and-Trade"

The Politico is reporting that Senate Democrats are urging the Obama Administration to stop pushing cap-and-trade.  If they are correct that “at least half a dozen” Democrats are against the massive tax on everything produced or transported… more »

I kept myself from tears...but just barely

Hat Tip: Rusty S.   SHARETHIS.addEntry( { title : 'I kept myself from tears...but just barely', url :… more »

Health care thoughts for the Congressional recess and beyond

A few quick thoughts for this lazy weekend about health care “reform": 1) As the WSJ notes, “Every Democrat cast the deciding health-care vote.“  Particularly in moderate states, voters must not let their Democratic senators off the… more »

Merry Christmas and Happy Kung Pao Chicken

To all of my Christian friends, I wish  you a very Merry Christmas. To all my Jewish brethren, I wish you a lovely traditional Jewish Christmas meal: Chinese food SHARETHIS.addEntry( { title : 'Merry Christmas and Happy… more »

It's done, for now

Earlier this morning, on a straight party-line vote, the Senate passed Harry Reid’s health care reform bill. After a recess for the holidays, Nancy Pelosi will officially begin trying to figure out how to get the House to either concur with the… more »

What a surprise: Democrats lied about health reform "savings"

To the surprise of nobody to the right of Chris Matthews, the CBO reported yesterday that Democrats are double-counting savings in their so-called “reform” bill.  Essentially they claim money as saved in Medicare costs but allow government… more »
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