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America's dumbing-down continues

Just as socialists don’t understand that their policies can’t make everyone rich but they can make everyone poor, this remarkable story shows how left-wing approaches to teaching can only do great harm to our nation in the interest of… more »

What mental midget put the Pro Bowl the week before the Super Bowl?

I write so infrequently about sports that I don’t even have a blog category for my sports-related articles.  But I’m so annoyed with the NFL that I’m going to offer a few thoughts, and I’d love to get your comments on whether you… more »

2010 Leadership Program of the Rockies Retreat (Feb 26-27)

As my friends and regular readers know, I’ve been a donor to the Leadership Program of the Rockies since going through the program 5 years ago.  One of the great parts of the program is their Annual Retreat at the fabulous Broadmoor Hotel in… more »

The State of the Union

I listened to most of Barack Obama’s State of the Union address last night while driving home from the airport. I felt like Rep. Joe Wilson on steriods, saying out loud (though not shouting in my car), “You lie” more than once. There… more »

Do banks deserve Obama's proposed bank tax?

Note: I wrote this piece before this past Thursday’s stock market-crushing announcement that the Obama Administration wants to impose draconian new rules on large banks.  That announcement just adds fuel to the fire and support to my argument… more »

Will anyone believe Obama as the budget-conscious cost-cutter?

After presiding (or at least co-presiding) over the biggest increase in the cost of government in more than two generations, and after pushing for a government takeover of the health care system and (through cap-and-trade) most of the rest of the… more »

When even Chris Matthews gets it...

Thanks to Keith D for writing this note: Scott Brown’s resounding victory one week ago in Massachusetts was a shot across the bow of the Democrats in power and should have sent a clear and concise message to both the Administration and Congress.  What… more »

An unlikely Obama supporter has his regrets SHARETHIS.addEntry( { title : 'An unlikely Obama supporter has his regrets', url :… more »

Politico: Supreme Court ruling "not so bad"

In case’s recent spate of apparently even-handed coverage of the Brown election and its impact on the Democrats’ agenda made you think that the site were moving away from its subtle but certain liberal bias, today’s… more »

Government Flow Chart

Thanks to Neil R. for sending along this accurate depiction of the way our government works…and one which gives a new vivid depiction of the definition of “flow” chart… Update: Commenter “Catalina” makes the… more »
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