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GM and Obama: Cut from the same cloth

What do General Motors and Barack Obama have in common?  The fact that they're both controlled by unions and the fact that they both lie about how taxpayer money is and will be used. A few days ago, GM was beating its chest, proclaiming that the compan… more »

Lindsey Graham looking for a way out?

Over the weekend, RINO Lindsey Graham (R-SC) pulled his support for an economically disastrous "energy" bill after Senate Majority Leader Harry "Lame Duck" Reid (D-NV) suggested the Senate would soon take up an immigration bill.  While Graham's public ar… more »

Remarks from Politics on the Rocks Colorado Springs kick-off event

I was privileged to be asked to be one of the two keynote speakers, along with State Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry, of the kick-off event for the new Colorado Springs chapter of Politics on the Rocks.  Following are the not-very-well edited remarks I… more »

Backbone Radio, April 25th, 2010: Our current Third Rail -- Immigration and Race

Today’s Third Rail: Immigration and Race: The constant cries of “racism” against Tea Parties and their members, while falling mostly on deaf ears of Tea Partiers who recognize the charge to be utterly bogus, nevertheless bring issues of race and immigr… more »

Just not quite gay enough; politically-correct readers please stay away

On Tuesday, three bisexual men filed suit in Seattle against the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAAA) because the organization ruled that they were not gay enough to participate in the NAGAAA's Gay Softball World Series. In particular,… more »

Major shakeup of Jane Norton's campaign staff; Josh Penry new campaign manager

Yesterday, the campaign of Jane Norton, running for US Senate, saw some big changes, with campaign manager Norm Cummings being replaced by State Senate Minority Leader (and briefly candidate for Governor) Josh Penry.  Rich Beeson will also join the campa… more »

Asher Embry: Obama's salt, too

H/T American Spectator Obama's Salt, Too By Asher Embry Obama's nanny FDA Is set to take our salt away. Popcorn, pretzels, Ranch Doritos, Triscuits, Pringles, Crunchy Cheetos; Any snack from Grandma Utz; Almonds, pecans, cashew nuts, Ruffles, S… more »

Gallup: Obama approval under 50% in fifth quarter of presidency

Yes, I realize that "fifth quarter" sounds a little odd at first, but given that a four-year term has 16 quarters (explained for the benefit of those of you who, like me, went to public junior high schools, the Gallup story makes sense. In their poll r… more »

Event invitation: Politics on the Rocks in Colorado Springs on Thursday evening

I'm pleased to announce that State Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry and I will be the guest speakers at the "kick-off event" for the newest chapter of Politcs on the Rocks, the Colorado Springs chapter. The event will be from 5:30 - 7:30 PM this Thurd… more »

Stratfor: Baghdad Politics and the U.S.-Iranian Balance

This report is republished with permission of STRATFOR Baghdad Politics and the U.S.-Iranian Balance April 20, 2010 | 0854 GMT By George Friedman The status of Iraq has always framed the strategic challenge of Iran. Until 2003, regional stabil… more »
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