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Tea Party activists: Who we are, who we aren't

Still feeling tired blogging muscles from yesterday's effort about Obama the Insulting, allow me to offer for today's intellectual ammunition some reading about Tea Party members: First, from the Wall Street Journal, an on-target piece explaining why t… more »

Obama, Clinton insult and defame American citizens

I took a few days to think about this note before posting it, so plenty of people have had the chance to comment during the four days since Barack Obama gave the clearest indication yet of his all-consuming arrogance. While on a trip to Florida where h… more »

Andrew Watts: The insanity of greenery

From one of the best energy/climate blogs on the web, this sort of stuff would make you laugh if it weren't costing you so much money... more »

India-Pakistan border-closing ceremony

I realize it might be a bit disrespectul to find this so funny...but I do. more »

The timing of fraud charges against Goldman Sachs

On Friday, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed fraud charges against Goldman Sachs, not-so-affectionately known by those of us who object to a private firm essentially running our nation's fiscal policy as Government Sachs. [Don't… more »

Elections have consequences

Yesterday, over at, Erick Erickson pilloried Indiana Senate candidate Dan Coats for his years-ago statement (during the confirmation of Ruth Bader Ginsburg) that "There was a centuries-old tradition of respecting national electoral results… more »

Thoughts on the Russian "charm offensive" with Poland

Yesterday, Stratfor released a bit of analysis entitled "The Sympathy Gap, copied below.My response to Stratfor was as follows: There are two main reasons not to hope or expect that the Obama Administration will effectively counter Russia's "charm of… more »

My letter to the NY Times regarding health care consumption

The NY Times ran a letter by me in their Sunday issue in response to a ridiculous article by one of their most ridiculous columnists, David Leonhardt. Leonhardt blamed everyone but the real culprits for the overconsumption of health care services in Ame… more »

Tax Day & Tea Party thoughts

Although today is the most important trading day of the month, I'm heading down to the Colorado State Capitol building to participate in the second Tax Day Tea Party. As you sign your tax return and send the IRS your money or think about the money they… more »

Speaking of taxes...

H/T In a performance which I hope and trust will haunt Barack Obama at least through his next election, he took over 17 minutes rambling on, trying to defend his failing and failed policies, obviously doing anything possible to avoid… more »
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