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Please subscribe to my Examiner feed

Dear Readers, I'd greatly appreciate it if you would "subscribe" to my Capitalist Examiner page over at The more subscribers I get, the more pennies I make from my writing efforts. I tend to only post articles directly related to poli… more »

Amnesty, the new meaning of bipartisanship and why Lindsey Graham has to go

The Washington Times reported yesterday that the "Immigration effort lacks 2nd backer from GOP". In other words, between the "poisoning of the well" caused by the government health care takeover and the political suicide involved in proposing amnesty… more »

A nation ruled by watermelons

New regulations promulgated by the Environmental Protection Agency, regulations based on radical environmalist religion rather than science, show that we have become a nation ruled by watermelons.  Namely, people who are "green" on the outside but "red"… more »

Happy Easter

I'd like to take a moment to wish my Christian friends and readers a very happy Easter. I'm taking the day off from blogging to spend time with the family (which I also did yesterday, I'm pleased to say.) I'll be back on Backbone Radio next Sunday.… more »

Shelby Steele: Barack The Good

The following essay by Shelby Steele (who, like Barack Obama, had a black father and white mother) appeared in the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday.  It is one of the best pieces of political psychological analysis I've ever seen, and it's a must-read:… more »

Funny if it weren't so scary: Obama jokes

Normally, I only post humor on Saturdays, but the last few weeks have been so tense and so intense that I just need a break, even if very short, from writing about the destruction of our republic and the Democrats' assault on every aspect of our freedom.… more »

Congratulations to Jason Mattera, new editor of Human Events

What a coincidence:  Last Sunday on Backbone Radio, I interviewed Human Events political reporter Connie Hair and then, two hours later, Jason Mattera, to talk about his new book, Obama Zombies. On Wednesday, Human Events announced that they are hiring… more »

Colorado Politics: April 1, 2010 -- Governor Ritter "comforting" Sandra Bullock?

In a story sure to hit the front pages of the Denver Post within hours, it has been learned that Colorado Governor Bill Ritter was seen yesterday "comforting" Academy Award-winning actress Sandra Bullock during Bullock's ongoing visit to an undisclosed m… more »
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