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Breaking: Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens to retire this summer

In a move that's a surprise to nobody, Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has announced that he will retire after this Court session, roughly the June-July timeframe. Thus, Barack Obama will get to name another Justice to the Court.  And he will p… more »

Report: Bart Stupak to retire

The Hill is reporting that Bart Stupak who was pro-life before he wasn't will announce his retirement. Just the latest Democrat to see the writing on the wall, though Stupak deserved it even more than most. What makes Stupak's retirement more interes… more »

Follow-up on Kinston, NC and the lie of the post-racial presidency

Six months ago, I wrote a note about a Washington Times report on Kinston, NC.  The town voted overwhelmingly to switch to non-partisan elections, i.e. elections where the candidates are not running as affiliated with or identified on a ballot with a D,… more »