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Peter Hitchens: China's "Gendercide"

H/T Christopher Sanders The following article by Peter Hitchens for the UK Daily Mail newspaper is so intense that I am unable to say anything more than "please read this..." See "Gendercide: China's shameful massacre of unborn girls means there will… more »

Leftist political violence in New Orleans

Connie Hair is reporting on the beatings of a Bobby Jindal fundraiser and her boyfriend who were apparently attacked because they were wearing Sarah Palin pins. For all the talk of fear that Tea Partiers will turn violent, this is just the latest in a… more »

Mark Kirk still seems worthless to me

I criticized Mark Kirk extremely harshly last June when he voted for the House's cap-and-trade bill while offering a lame excuse on behalf of a big energy company in his district.  A good friend has since worked to help raise money for Kirk's campaign an… more »

Breaking: Presidency to be outsourced, saving nation from bankruptcy more »