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Michelle Malkin: Dems are the party of Not Taxed Enough

It still amazes me that the Democrats bet that people would like Obamacare more as they learned more about it.  How could that ever have seemed true, even to a partisan Dem? Michelle Malkin (along with others she quotes) lays out the tax tsunami about… more »

Sen. Mark Udall begins public involvement in Cory Voorhis case

From the "better late than never" files, I am pleased to be able to break the news that Colorado Senator Mark Udall is getting involved in the Cory Voorhis case. Specifically, Sen. Udall has sent a letter to Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napoli… more »

No matter how you ask the question...

Polls are consistently pointing toward the Democrats being trounced in November elections. More than that, however, the anti-big-government mood of the people is palpable despite all efforts by the lamestream media to cover a once-simmering and now boili… more »