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Elections have consequences

Yesterday, over at, Erick Erickson pilloried Indiana Senate candidate Dan Coats for his years-ago statement (during the confirmation of Ruth Bader Ginsburg) that "There was a centuries-old tradition of respecting national electoral results… more »

Thoughts on the Russian "charm offensive" with Poland

Yesterday, Stratfor released a bit of analysis entitled "The Sympathy Gap, copied below.My response to Stratfor was as follows: There are two main reasons not to hope or expect that the Obama Administration will effectively counter Russia's "charm of… more »

My letter to the NY Times regarding health care consumption

The NY Times ran a letter by me in their Sunday issue in response to a ridiculous article by one of their most ridiculous columnists, David Leonhardt. Leonhardt blamed everyone but the real culprits for the overconsumption of health care services in Ame… more »