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The predicted GOP cave-in starts

As I predicted just two days ago, the GOP is so scared of being portrayed as defenders of Goldman Sachs that they're starting to cave in on the financial regulation bill which will do great damage to American consumers and add frightening new power to go… more »

Hickenlooper refuses to name recipients of $2.8 million in charity

H/T Todd Shepherd & Yesterday on the Caplis and Silverman radio show, Denver Mayor and Democratic candidate for Governor John Hickenlooper came on the air to answer questions about why he is refusing to disclose the recipients… more »

It's (past) time for American Jews to wake up...part 3

In what is becoming clear to me that it will be an ongoing occasional series, here's the latest piece of evidence that Jews should be abandoning any support for the Obama Administration with all haste.  As if Obama's allowing Iran to get nuclear weapons,… more »

Correcting's errors about Jane Norton

Within a note attacking Rob Jesmer, Executive Director of the NRSC, Erick Erickson of the influential conservative blog makes some assertions about Jane Norton which I simply can't let stand unchallenged even though I have not endorsed anybo… more »