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After thinking about the pluses and minuses of Scott McInnis and Dan Maes, and taking no pleasure in my conclusion regarding the Colorado Republican primary for Governor of Colorado, I have decided to endorse Nobody. Let me be very clear here: … more »
As I’ve said before, I don’t think there are hundreds of people anxiously awaiting to know who I will endorse in the Republican primary for Governor of Colorado.  But for those who are interested in my opinion, I’ve made my decision,… more »
All Colorado Politics, All the Time From Ross Kaminsky: Backbone Radio listeners, being among the most politically astute people in Colorado, don’t need to be told what an interesting political season we’re having, especially on the Republican side of… more »

Getting to know Dan Maes

I had the opportunity to meet with Dan Maes for about 90 minutes on Wednesday evening, Dan graciously honoring our prior agreement to meet even after my rather large error regarding where he went to college, an error for which I apologized (again)… more »

FUBAR apologies to the Army

Alert reader, long-time US Army Reservist, and Republican candidate for Secretary of State of Colorado, Scott Gessler pointed out to me that I mistakenly implied in my recent Human Events article about Colorado’s GOP primary for governor that the… more »
Since Sharron Angle won the Republican Senate primary in Nevada on the back of strong Tea Party support, her campaign has been imploding under the weight of her verbal gaffes. In political betting on, during the two weeks before… more »
For those of you who are waiting for the write-up of my interview of Dan Maes, which happened yesterday evening, I’m going to try to write it up today and post it early tomorrow. SHARETHIS.addEntry( { title : 'Quick… more »
I noted earlier this morning that the Financial Times’ Martin Wolf has written an essentially dishonest description and condemnation of supply-side economics.  In that note, I offered a couple of links to pieces of “intellectual… more »
H/T Mark Smither My liberal friend Mark pointed me to an article in the Financial Times entitled “The political genius of supply-side economics” by FT economics commentator Martin Wolf.  Wolf essentially argues that supply-side policies of… more »
Readers of these pages are well aware of my thoughts on the Colorado Governor’s race.  However, if you’re interested in reading my summary of the situation (actually written about 6 days ago), it’s up at today. Please… more »

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