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MN Gov Pawlenty issues Executive Order against early adoption of Obamacare

As he prepares an almost-certain run for president, and in a move which distinguishes himself from Mitt Romney whose "Commonwealth Care" (Obamacare-lite) which is bankrupting Massachusetts and damaging that state's health care system, Minnesota Governor… more »

Ken Buck and the 17th Amendment

I'm going to write about the broader issue of the 17th Amendment in much greater detail sometime soon, but thought it important to mention a couple of things now given that it's the subject of a Colorado campaign commercial. The Democratic Senatorial C… more »

The geekiest online cartoon of all time

Thanks to my friend Brian Wesbury who must feel like the guy in this cartoon for pointing it out to me...   more »

Gallup: 10% GOP edge in generic ballot is largest in polling history

The Gallup polling organization just released the results of a poll of registered voters taken from August 23-29.  The poll shows a 10-point Republican advantage, not just the highest in this election cycle but the highest ever. In fact, the last three… more »

The right Angle to beat Harry Reid?

On Friday, at the Steamboat Institute's Second Annual Freedom Conference, I had the chance to speak with Republican Senate candidate from Nevada, Sharron Angle, in addition to hearing her address to the assembled audience. Here's my take on Mrs. Angle:… more »

From the truth stranger than fiction files...

H/T Christopher S.Woman Nabbed For Auto Erotic Crime more »

Ebonics translators needed

From the "I couldn't make this up" files: more »

Broader thoughts on the primary election season

While I'm attending the Steamboat Institute's Second Annual Freedom Conference (and you should be here, too!), may I offer you my article on the primary election season, written for The American Spectator's web site? You can find it here:See "Primary L… more »

Texas pushes back against EPA "greenhouse gas" power grab

H/T Christopher S. In this Op-Ed for the Washington Times, Peggy Venable of the Texas chapter of Americans for Prosperity explains how Texas is standing up for federalism, good science, and economic sanity. Please see "VENABLE: Texas fights global-wa… more »

Thoughts on Tuesday's primary elections

A few brief thoughts on a selection of Tuesday's primary results: Florida: The decisive victory of Kendrick Meek in the Democratic US Senate primary over his billionaire opponent is very bad news for the Democrats and very good news for Marco Rubio.  S… more »
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