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Denver Post blogs Democrat propaganda (Dewey Beats Truman!)

In a truly pathetic example of “reporting", Denver Post writer Michael Booth suggests that a poll of the Colorado Senate race done by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee merits equal weight with a poll done by Rasmussen Reports. Booth… more »

House passes motion to adjourn by a one-vote margin

The Hill reports that the House of Representatives passed a motion to adjourn by the narrowest of margins, 210-209, after 39 Democrats voted with Republicans against the motion to adjourn and in essence in support of extending the Bush tax cuts for all… more »

Who's afraid of a government shutdown?

For today’s reading, may I offer you my thoughts, written for the American Spectator, about the possibility of a government shutdown showdown after the Republicans take back the majority in the House of Representatives in 5 weeks… Please see… more »

Don Boudreaux: The essence of protectionism

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more succinct and accurate description of protectionism as Don Boudreaux gives us today… ————————— Perhaps Messrs. Obama, Graham, Schumer, Brown, and… more »

Dems' own little bubble

As President Obama goes on a multi-state tour cheerleading himself, one has to wonder just who he thinks is listening or who believes him anymore. He starts in the ultra-liberal Madison, Wisconsin where Fox News reports that Obama is having trouble… more »

Census shows economic incentives matter

One of the defining characteristics of Progressive economic policies is a refusal to acknowledge that people react to incentives such as changes in tax and regulatory policy. One of the few ways to make politicians recognize the error of such… more »

In lieu of flowers

  SHARETHIS.addEntry( { title : 'In lieu of flowers', url : ''}, { button: true } ) ; more »

Backbone Radio, Sept. 26, 2010 - Shariah law; the US Senate in the balance; CO Sec of State

Please join me on this week’s edition of Backbone Radio when I’ll be joined by Colorado election law attorney and Republican candidate for Colorado Secretary of State, Scott Gessler. In our first hour, after discussing news of the week,… more »

Preexisting conditions

Progressives don’t understand economics; it’s that simple.  It’s most often seen in the “elite” liberal media by supporting policies with an implicit free lunch.  Such is the case with The New Republic’s Jonathan… more »

One rat staying on the sinking ship

With the announced resignation of White House economic advisor Larry Summers, three of the four legs of Obama’s economic stool (double-entendre most certainly intended) are now gone.  With the departure of Summers, preceded by Peter Orszag and… more »
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