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Don't forget to enter the election prediction contest

Winner gets a copy of "The Law" by Bastiat (pound for pound the best anti-socialism book ever written), bragging rights, and the first (free) beer next time we meet. Read this and then send me your guesses:… more »

Scott Elmore: Free speech in Boulder -- or not

Thanks to reader Scott Elmore for this "guest blog" on the subject of free speech...and how the left seems to have more of it than conservatives do: You've been inundated with political ads, spin on words, and political debate from at least a couple of… more »

Backbone Radio, Oct 31, 2010: Three more days of a Democrat majority

For the promo of tomorrow's edition (10/31/10) of Backbone Radio, please see the link at the new Backbone Radio blog: more »

2010 General Election prediction game

There are so many interesting races to think about in this election season, but for our 2010 election prediction contest, I'll limit it to a few questions.  Like with the primary election contest, we'll add up each person's (absolute value) error in % po… more »

And you thought this election season was nasty...

H/T American Spectator blog more »

Put the correct postage on your mail-in ballot!

It has come to my attention, and slightly to my surprise, that the correct postage for the Colorado mail-in ballot is 61 cents, not the 44 cents required for a standard "first class" letter. Please make sure to put the correct postage on your ballot an… more »

Punish our enemies, says the accidental president

I don't like writing about things a few days after most people do, and I particularly don't usually write about something after hearing it spoken about on television. But I'm going to make an exception today after being reminded by a discussion I heard… more »

Why I like Tom Tancredo

The Tancredo campaign sent out an e-mail blast this afternoon noting that Tom will be on the Glenn Beck Show, to be aired on Fox Television on Sunday night at 5 PM.  That's fine -- I'm ambivalent about Glenn Beck -- but what really got my attention was T… more »

Peter Ferrara: Obama's playing you

In an excellently data-filled and slightly snarky article for the American Spectator, Peter Ferrara explains how essentially everything Barack Obama says and believes about economic history is wrong.  It's a great read and excellent intellectual ammuniti… more »

Ken Buck back on track

H/T WhoSaidYouSaid After a recent slightly bumpy campaign road, Ken Buck is back on track, focusing on what's important in this election.  Buck's message is well and concisely delivered in this 48 seconds of a talk he gave to a group of Republican wome… more »
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