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More Wikileaks thoughts

It is possible, as this article suggests, that the danger from the WikiLeaks release of a quarter million State Department cables is overstated, or even that some positive outcomes from the release could occur. But don’t let this chatter fool you.… more »

Leslie Nielsen, RIP

If there’s one thing an entertainer should probably do, it’s entertain.  And if any actor brought more entertainment and fun to the big and small screens in recent decades more than Leslie Nielsen did, I can’t think of him (or her).… more »

WikiLeaks document dump: Where's the line between freedom of the press and an act of war?

WikiLeaks, the site run by accused rapist Julian Assange, has, depsite a massive Denial of Service attack on its main site, posted tens of thousands of US State Department cables on a sub-site at These cables appear to… more »

Backbone Radio, November 28, 2010: International turmoil abounds

For the promo of this week’s edition of Backbone Radio, with a distinctly international flavor – even right here at home – please see the Backbone Radio web page here (and please listen to this evening’s show):… more »

Yes, Virginia, there is intelligence

One of the key assumptions in the Algore and IPCC hysteria over “climate change” – but one that’s never talked about by them – is that people are idiots.  It’s the only explanation for the IPCC’s claim that they… more »

Happy Thanksgiving

On this Thanksgiving day, I’m thankful for my family, for being mostly healthy, and for living in the greatest country in the world while hoping to help return it to a place of more freedom rather than less, more self-determination rather than… more »

The election is almost over

On Monday and Tuesday, three of the last five as-yet undecided Congressional races were finalized, with Republicans knocking off Democrat incumbents in two of them. In New York, freshman Democrat Don Maffei lost to a Republican challenger.  As the LA… more »

Time for profiling

As the furor mounts regarding the Transportation Safety Agency’s aggressive new searches and near-nude imagery of travelers, the elephant in the room remains all but unmentioned: the odds of a three year old kid being a terrorist or even part of a… more »

The remarkable success of the Leadership Program of the Rockies

In 2004-2005, I participated in the Leadership Program of the Rockies course, learning a lot and, more importantly, making many great friends and contacts in the then-simmering and now-boiling-over pro-liberty movement in Colorado. I’m going to… more »

Backbone Radio update for Nov 21, 2010

I have been able to print a copy of a recently released “magazine” put out by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.  This issue of the magazine “Inspire” is all about what AQAP is calling “Operation Hemorrhage", the plot to… more »
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