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One way to get out the vote

H/T Mike R. Spain’s Socialist Catalonian Party created a video of a young woman going to vote and ending with the caption “Voting is a pleasure."  It’s generating a lot of talk in Spain.  I find it rather amusing and harmless.  You can… more »

Backbone Radio, Nov 21, 2010: TSA groping, death panels, and more...

About a week ago, John Tyner went through security at about 6 AM at the San Diego International Airport. The rest has become a national sensation, with “don’t touch my junk” t-shirts already available for sale. In short, the TSA has… more »

The other Deficit Commission and the Fed's dual mandate

It’s one of those unusual days when I have articles up at both Human Events and the American Spectator web sites. I hope you’ll give them both a read. At Human Events, I have an article about how the Fed’s “dual mandate", namely… more »

Don Boudreaux: Liberty is not fragile

I was out late at the Independence Institute’s Founders Night Dinner last night, so for today’s intellectual ammunition, allow me to offer you the following thoughts from my friend Don Boudreaux, one of the nation’s leading libertarian… more »

The Death Panel loses round one, but should they?

Drug company Dendreon makes Provenge, the only drug on the market which shows some success in extending the life of prostate cancer victims.  However, the treatment costs $93,000 in order to get an average of an extra four months of life.  (To be clear… more »

GM IPO to price tonight

For a few quick thoughts on tonight’s IPO of Government Motors, please see my blog note for the American Spectator: SHARETHIS.addEntry( { title : 'GM IPO… more »

Irish eyes aren't smiling

Yesterday, the stock market and almost all commodities got smashed along with a rise in the US dollar following confusion about whether Ireland would or would not accept some form of bailout from the EU. It’s a replay in many important ways of the… more »

QE2 explained by a teddy bear and a kitten

Three different people have e-mailed me this video in the last few hours, getting over 75,000 views in that time and now well over 800,000 total views since being posted 4 days ago. You have to love it when a discussion of monetary policy and the Fed… more »

Breaking: Charlie Rangel convicted of ethics violations

It’s still a breaking story, but the House subcommittee which was investigating Charlie Rangel has convincted him on some number of the 13 charges against him.  The House Ethics Committee will make a recommendation to the full House regarding… more »

Market to Fed: Take your QE2 and shove it

Over the last several days since the Fed announced the start of and actually began its monthly reckless printing of tens of billions of dollars through its second quantitative easing program of this economic downturn, the market has been decidedly… more »
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