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The source of union funding...

Cartoon by Mike Lester, Rome News-Tribune, Rome, GA   SHARETHIS.addEntry( { title : 'The source of union funding...', url : ''},… more »
Please join me and Ryan Call (Chairman of the Denver GOP) as we’re the invited guests to speak at and, more importantly, speak with the Liberty on the Rocks (Red Rocks) Happy Hour group this evening. The event is at Old Chicago, 145 Union Blvd,… more »
Throughout the past several months of intense politics, economics has gotten the short shrift in most media, perhaps including Backbone Radio.  Of course, the focus on politics during one of the most important and interesting political seasons of my… more »
As I read various articles, such as this one in the Denver Post, about the G-20 meeting in Seoul, one thing which continues to strike me is the presence of the Federal Reserve in the news reports, more specifically the comments by many of our trading… more »
[Update: The Cato Institute’s Dan Mitchell thinks this document is a “center-left” proposal designed to get Republicans to agree to tax increases. See Dan’s take here:… more »

2010 Election contest results

Although not 100% of the votes are counted and there are still 9 House races left to be decided around the nation, I can’t find a scenario in which the winner of the Election Prediction Contest will change. So, allow me to offer my congratulations… more »
The Cato Institute’s Dan Mitchell adds to his excellent video series with this fundamental explanation of why everything important that Obama’s economists say is wrong. It’s about 9 minutes long…and well worth your time:… more »
I realize that many readers of these pages already get Don Boudreaux’s excellent near-daily e-mails.  (And if you don’t but would like to, please let me know and I’ll get you added.)  Occasionally, one of Don’s notes is so good… more »
H/T Mike R. Former CNBC, now MSNBC, talking head Dylan Ratigan actually pretends to have a serious discussion – and agreement – with radical leftist cartoonist (yes, cartoonist) Ted Rall about whether violent revolution might be appropriate… more »
[Update: A different version of these thoughts has been published at the Media Malpractice web page of the National Review Institute:] Following is a letter I sent to the Washington Times in response to a… more »

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