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KHOW's Craig Silverman votes for Buck and Tancredo

In a courageous and interesting move, former Democrat and now unaffiliated radio talk show host Craig Silverman today publicly announced that he’s voting for Republican Ken Buck for Senate and conservative Tom Tancredo for governor.… more »

Sarah Palin endorses Tom Tancredo for governor

I realize some people might take this as a negative, but at the end of the day, Sarah Palin has been the single most influential person in this election cycle (with the possible exception of Barack Obama who is motivating one of the largest… more »

Last few hours to enter the election prediction game...

I’ll take entries for the election contest up to 6 AM my time on Tuesday morning… Join the fun and win a great book as well as bragging rights!… more »

The worst possible outcome

It occurs to me that there’s one potentially truly horrible outcome in this election: If the GOP wins 9 seats in the Senate, giving them 50 seats, then every time there is a party-line vote, we’ll have to see Joe Biden again, breaking the… more »

Final Gallup poll before the election suggets massive GOP gains

In the last USA Today/Gallup poll before the election, results show record or near-record levels of certain key measures, including: Republican lead among likely voters (15%) Certainty among Republicans (and GOP-leaning independent) versus Dems (and… more »

Not too late to enter the election prediction contest!

Winner gets a copy of “The Law” by Bastiat (pound for pound the best anti-socialism book ever written, not least because it’s nice and short!), bragging rights, and the first (free) beer next time we meet. Check this out and then send me your… more »

Greg Staff takes on the Chevy Volt

Congrats to my friend Greg Staff for having his article on the Chevy Volt published at Human Events: Please see “Taken for a Ride: Misrepresentations of the Fascist-Green’s Clean Machine“, Greg Staff, Human Events, 10/30/10… more »

Dan Mitchell: Balancing the budget without raising taxes

The Cato Institute’s Dan Mitchell explains how to balance the budget without raising taxes, while also offering the key reminder that a balanced budget isn’t the key issue; overall government spending is.… more »