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Xtranormal: Liberal confusion on Libya

Xtranormal has a great exposition of the thinking of liberals: more »

Gaddafi's possible role models

Just because America is in a war we shouldn't be, put in by a president whose first reaction -- to stay out -- was correct, only to have his mind changed by France, England, and "the ladies" of the US's foreign policy apparatus, doesn't mean this has to… more »

Obama's Libya evasion

Before President Obama's Monday evening Libya speech, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell posed four questions he hoped the president would answer. Obama gave partial and unconvincing answers to two and left the other two unaddressed. Instead, the… more »

Salena Zito: 2012 elections starting in 2011 in Wisconsin

Salena Zito of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Gazette, one of my favorite political opinion writers, has penned an important piece about Wisconsin.  Republicans, supporters of liberty, and others who want to curtail the destructive influence of public sector… more »

Krista Kafer: End federal funding for "public broadcasting"

In this "online only" opinion column, Krista Kafer (guest-hosting for me this evening on Backbone Radio as I take care of my wife who seems to have picked up a nasty bug on her flight home from Australia) explains why she, as a fan of and contributor to… more »

Backbone Radio, March 27, 2011: Senator Mike Lee; Repeal 1021

For details of this week's tremendous edition of Backbone Radio, including an interview of Utah Senator Mike Lee and a discussion about repealing the Colorado law requiring all health insurance to cover maternity, please see the Backbone Radio web page… more »

LA Times' flawed prescription for Israeli-Palestinian peace

In response to a typically naive liberal media editorial about the so-called peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, I sent the LA Times the following letter: Your prescription for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, namely Israel… more »

Oy Veh

Unfortunately, this speaks for itself... more »

Steve Milloy: Clean Energy's junk economics

Related to the real-world destruction of the economies of Spain and Portugal, in part because of their massive subsidies of green energy, the web site has an excellent destruction of claims by the far-left Center for American Progress… more »

Keith Diamond: the folly of green-energy-based economies

Thanks to Keith Diamond for these thoughts... I just read the following article on Yahoo:  Portugal May Collapse.  I am amused because both Spain and Portugal were lauded by many media outlets for embracing so called green energy where almost 50% of… more »
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