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MikeR's advice for Dan Maes

My friend and occasional contributor to these pages, Mike R., who lives in Wisconsin, offered these thoughts to Dan Maes: Dear Dan, As one of Ross Kaminsky's very very very few friends (I think I have known him for about 18 years or so) I am forced to… more »

What means testing means

America's fiscal need for entitlement reform is pushing the discussion about Social Security inexorably toward "means testing," a policy both the left and the right have long avoided. Both sides realize that means testing, namely reducing or eliminating… more »

Dan Maes demands I disclose who I work for

A few days after speaking to the Boulder County Republican breakfast club with remarks that included a mention of Dan Maes, I received an e-mail from Mr. Maes -- a snide, sniveling, and ultimately self-destructive e-mail. Maes asked that I make his not… more »

Dan Mitchell: We can restrain government spending

Here's a two part explanation by the Cato Institute's Dan Mitchell showing that it is possible to restrain the growth of government.  All of Dan's videos are worth watching, but these (among others) are worth particular mention: Part 1:… more »

Text of my remarks to the Boulder County Republican Breakfast club

These are the prepared remarks for my talk to the Boulder County Republican Breakfast Club last Wednesday morning: The Tea Party movement is, in my view, the most powerful force for good among political movements since the abolitionists of the 19th… more »

New Leaf Tea

In today's shameless self-promotion segment, allow me to suggest this video of an appearance on Fox News' Small Business Spotlight by Eric Skae, the man who runs New Leaf Tea and Lemonade -- in which I have a fairly large investment:… more »

Backbone Radio, March 6, 2011: McFarland; Ferrara

For a preview of this week's edition of Backbone Radio, including guests KT McFarland and Peter Ferrara, please see the Backbone web page here: more »

Helpful solutions for cleaning up Madison

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that "State officials said Thursday that damage to the marble inside and out the State Capitol would cost an estimated $7.5 million."  Much of the damage isn't actually chipping, cracking, etc., but residue from… more »

Sam Zell slams Democrat agenda

Real estate mogul Sam Zell lays out how the entire Obama agenda is destructive to economic growth and employment: more »

The poison bait of Obamacare waivers

The strings attached to President Barack Obama's Monday offer to allow state waivers out of certain Obamacare requirements are designed to earn Obama political credit for appearing flexible while restraining states from actually implementing any… more »
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