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2011 LPR Annual Retreat recap

The 2011 Leadership Program of the Rockies Annual Retreat was such a stunningly good event that I don't know how Shari Williams, Crystal Bouziden, and Debbie Brown will surpass themselves next year.  They deserve (and have) the thanks of the roughly 700… more »

Gendron's high-end watch repair and service

Every once in a while, I do business with a company which I find to be worthy of mention and recommendation.  I've found such a company in Gendron's Watch Repair, based in West Warwick, RI. I have a couple of high-end watches, including one of my prize… more »

Ross on Caplis and Silverman this afternoon

I'll be a guest on Denver's Caplis and Silverman radio show this afternoon at 4:47 PM talking about my column for the American Spectator on American policy reaction to the protests in the Arab world and the comparisons between Barack Obama and Jimmy… more »

Bernanke says GOP budget cut propsal will not harm growth

Very good news for Republican budget hawks: Keep in mind when you read anything from Mark Zandi, the economist at Moody's,… more »

Speaking to Boulder County Republican Breakfast tomorrow

On Wednesday, March 2nd, I'll be speaking to and with the Boulder County Republican breakfast club at 7 AM (yep, 7 AM) at the Longmont IHOP at 2040 Ken Pratt Blvd (Hwy 119), just east of Hover Road and the Diagonal Highway. I'll be talking about "The… more »

Last WWI veteran dies at age of 110 more »

Even the liberals know Barack Obama = Jimmy Carter

On Monday's edition of CNN's "Situation Room", host Wolf Blitzer and political analyst Gloria Borger discussed President Barack Obama's response to the situation in Libya, bringing unwitting clarity to the issue Barack Obama's projected and real… more »
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