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The Birth Certificate: Now what

President Barack Obama released his birth certificate. Now what? Some bloggers of the "birther" right are already questioning it, such as here and here. Jerry Corsi, whose book "Where's the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligibl… more »

Brian Wesbury: The Greatest Speculators

My friend Brian Wesbury, in my view one of the best economists in America, offers this on-target analysis of "speculation" in oil markets: It’s as predictabl… more »

A sad day for Barack Obama more »

Don Boudreaux: Government supermarkets?

Don Boudreaux reframes the school choice debate in terms of food... 25 April 2011 Editor, The Wall Street Journal 1211 6th Ave. New York, NY 10036 Dear Editor: Randi Weingarten insists that "markets aren't the education solution" (April 25). Let's see.… more »

Traveling for the rest of the week

As I'm on one of my very rare business trips, for this week I'll primarily be offering you the thoughts of others for your reading enjoyment. If any of my readers wants to contribute content of their own to the blog this week (or much of next week),… more »

The Royal Wedding (without the Obamas)

These pages rarely if ever delve into stories appropriate for tabloids, but there is something slightly fascinating about a "royal wedding" as will happen this Friday between England's Prince William (some day the King of England) and Catherine… more »

Walter Williams does think Obama can be beaten

On Friday, I asked Dr. Walter Williams -- my guest during the 11 AM hour while hosting the Mike Rosen show -- if he had given up on the 2012 elections. The question came from caller Karen (I'm pretty sure I know which Karen it was, though she didn't… more »

Podcast of my sitting in for Mike Rosen

I breathed a sigh of happy relief after doing what I personally thought was a great radio show on my first opportunity to fill in on a regularly-scheduled show on 850 KOA, the king of Denver radio stations. If any of you missed it and would like to hea… more »

Ben Powell gives basic explanation of public choice economics

H/T Don Boudreaux more »

Hosting the Mike Rosen show this morning

A little reminder for those of you who can listen in (over the air or online at that I'll be sitting in for Mike Rosen today in what I consider to be a slightly scary privilege. I will endeavor not to let down you, my friends and readers,… more »
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