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Ethanol strategery

(I apologize to those of you who saw this note on Monday. I accidentally broke my own embargo!) It's a tale of two candidates, at this point probably the two men most likely to be the frontrunners in the race for the GOP nomination to run against Presi… more »

Energy myths of the left

From confused "peak oil" theorists to confused Congressmen, it's all but impossible to hear a discussion of US energy policy without hearing the left's tired refrain: "The United States currently uses 25% of the world oil production but has only 2% of… more »

Netanyahu: US should return to 1845 borders

(I think many people have already heard this story; I think too many believe it's true. It's obviously a joke, but what makes it so funny is the more-than-a-grain of truth it contains.) Israeli PM calls for “just solution” to end the conflict. Aboard… more »

Yukon silver

Believe it or not, I'm in the central Yukon today visiting a silver mine that I've invested in.  It's waaaaay out there. (Company web site here.) It's right near this town:,_Yukon And here's the Google Maps… more »


I woke up this morning to find an e-mail from my father asking my view on the Democrat victory in the special election in New York's 26th Congressional District. This is in the context of my dad's thinking that the Ryan Medicare plan is disastrous… more »

An apology to Scott McInnis

H/T Jen Raiffie I was fairly brutal to Scott McInnis during the 2010 Colorado gubernatorial campaign. To be sure, I wasn't alone, and I did slightly prefer McInnis to Dan Maes even after the news of McInnis' "plagiarism" came to light. In short, I sai… more »

Unimpressed with Herman Cain after all

Herman Cain is a self-made black millionaire, perhaps by definition a successful businessman, and an energetic and charismatic figure. These are certainly things to recommend him among the increasingly crowded field of Republican presidential hopefuls.… more »

Backbone Radio, May 22, 2011: Obama's Mid-East vision; GOP presidential hopefuls

For a preview of this week's edition of Backbone Radio, please see the Backbone web page here: more »

Guest-hosting for Joe Pags on KOA at 1 PM Saturday

I'll be guest-hosting for Joe Pags on Newsradio 850 KOA from 1 PM to 3 PM today (Saturday, May 21). Please listen in and join the conversation at 303 713 8585. I'll be talking about President Obama's speech, delivered Thursday, on the Middle East, as… more »

New documents raise major questions about Kagan

H/T Jed Babbin Based on documents received in reponse to a Freedom of Information Act request, the watchdog group Judicial Watch offers evidence that Elena Kagan's involvement in preparing a legal defense of Obamacare should require her to recuse herse… more »
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