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Obama's medical mystery shoppers

On Tuesday evening, after being outed by the NY Times, the Obama Administration abandoned plans to have "mystery shoppers" call primary care physicians to determine how easy or difficult it is to get a doctor’s appointment and whether being part of a… more »

Ross on WTIC (Hartford) with Ray Dunaway

I had the opportunity to join Ray Dunaway's morning talk show in Hartford, CT, on Tuesday morning.The topic was basically "energy myths of the left". Click here to listen to the audio. more »

Best line of the day

From Roger Simon's article in the Wall Street Journal about now-convicted former Governor of Illinois, Rob Blagojevich: Having risen to high office due almost solely to the political machine of his father-in-law, Chicago alderman and ward boss Richard… more »

Larry Levy: Citizens Aren’t the Only People Who Vote

Attorney Larry Levy of the law firm of Bracewell & Giuliani has penned this important article relating to voter fraud in Colorado. On March 8, 2011 Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler issued a non-partisan report suggesting that thousands of… more »

Today's deep thought

What do "big oil", "big pharma", and "big finance" have in common other than being big? They all provide a product or service without which modern life would be nearly impossible. What can you then conclude about the left, which attacks all of these… more »

And you thought the EPA was bad

In a new article entitled "Crib Death", Quin Hillyer brings us sadly typical news about the behavior of our federal government, destroying millions of dollars and perhaps quite a few jobs in over-the-top Nanny Statism. If you're not mad already, you… more »

The long knives already out for Bachmann

I was listening to CNN on my car's satellite radio yesterday afternoon (during an ad break on Fox News) and caught Wolf Blitzer along with a couple of the DNC's other useful idiots talking about Congresswoman and presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann.… more »

Gay marriage this week

The more I read and think about criticisms of gay marriage, the less worried I am about it. Statistics bandied about by its opponents are hardly evidence, given the amount of time which the American family has been under siege -- far longer than there… more »

Backbone Radio, June 26, 2011: Obama's desperation; national bankruptcy

For a preview of this week's edition of Backbone Radio, please see the Backbone web page here: more »

Tax Foundation: Bush tax cuts minor part of deficit

Next time you hear a Democrat blaming the Bush tax cuts for our exploding debt and deficit, perhaps you can refer him or her to this data (not that liberals are subject to modifying their views based on actual information.)… more »
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